First Women on Stage Summit Highlights Diversity and Inclusion in Tech 


First Women on Stage Summit Highlights Diversity and Inclusion in Tech 

Moran Weber, the founder of Women On Stage

Women On Stage organization which founded with a mission of fixing the present-day gender imbalance that exists between men and women announces its first conference on Feb 10-11.

the conference will be broadcasted online and will host on Microsoft Reactors around the world: New-York, London, Tel-Aviv, Australia, and more.  

The first Women on Stage conference will be broadcasted online around the world New-York, London, Tel-Aviv, Australia, and more. 40 women tech speakers will present highly professional topics such as Data/ML, NLP, Backend, Cloud and Big Data. All are alumni of Women on Stage Academy, from various leading tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Wix, Intel, CheckPoint, Nice, AppsFlyer, and others.  

Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic in the tech industry — and because it is discussed frequently, it might be easy to feel like things have already changed. But in fact, when it comes to being equally represented on conference stages, women still have a long way to go.  

Israeli Software Developer and Social Psychologist, Moran Weber, the founder of Women On Stage explained “Public speakers are thought leaders, they act as role models who can inspire others to follow them. But unfortunately, you can’t be what you can’t see, and if those tech stages aren’t diverse enough, women don’t even think they’re capable of doing the same.

“Amplifying women’s voices and increasing their visibility on stage will ultimately push more women to get ahead in their tech careers,” she said.

Women on Stage also launched the Technical Speakers Academy to train the next generation of women on stages. The first round of the academy was supported by Microsoft and included a full program dedicated solely to training women in STEM professions as Professional Public Speakers.

The course was led by women from ‘Baot-IL’, an Israeli community for women in R&D. The 40 outstanding academy graduates will make their first public appearance on stage at the upcoming conference, which is sponsored by leading tech companies who continuously support diversity and inclusion, such as Samsung NEXT, Wix Engineering, and Riskified Technology.

Adi Stein, Developer relations program manager for the Middle East & Africa Microsoft, says that “As technology becomes more integrated with our society and creates a new paradigm, it is up to us to be intentional about equality, inclusion, and diverse representation in the ecosystem. We want to be there to encourage and support diverse audiences to develop and grow their career in tech as well as have more female role models.”

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