How the lottery has gone online in Europe


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The European Gaming and Betting Association note that the lottery field would hit €24.7 billion by 2020. Buoyed by technological advancement, the lottery industry in Europe is ever-expanding. The core aspect fuelling growth is the presence of multiple online lottery bookmarkers. Bookies like Lottoland are now all over the world and Europe in particular. Stats indicate that online lottery ventures in Europe grow at 10% each year. Europeans cherish the lottery industry because of the wealth the field promises people and the presence of virtual bookies. Various lotteries have gone online in Europe. These are as follows:


Lotto Plus

Lotto Plus is based on the UK National Lottery’s framework in terms of pricing and playing formats. The lottery offers bettors a second chance of winning a lottery. Players select six numbers in a range of 1 to 59 digits. Each bet costs £2. You win the prize if you match all the six numbers drawn. There are two kinds of top prizes for Lotto Plus. While the top jackpot for Lotto plus 1 is €1 million, the top award for Lotto plus two is €250,000. You can play Lotto plus online on the Lottoland website. The odds of winning Lotto plus are 1 in 45 million.



This is one of the most popular lottery sites among the Europeans attracting 18 countries in its weekly jackpots. The bookmarker was launched in March 2012 and has jackpots starting from €10,000,000 and can go up to €90,000,000. The bet’s cost is €2.50, and punters are required to select five main numbers from a range of 1 to 50 and 2 new numbers from 1 to 10.


UK National Lottery

This is one of the oldest casinos in Great Britain. Technology has enabled the bookmarker to go online. The move attracted many players, especially the youth. You’re required to pick six correct numbers to allow you to win from a range of 1 to 49. The odds of winning the prize are 1 in 53.7. Jackpots start from £2 million and can raise up to £33 million.


Win-win Charity Lotto

Win-Win Charity Lotto enables bettors to support specific UK charities. The lottery deducts 20p from each pound bet and channels it to charity causes. You play by selecting five numbers from a range of 1 to 49. There is also an extra number you choose from a pool of 1 to 10. You stand a chance of winning £250,000 if you match all the five numbers and the extra one. The odds of winning the game are 1 in 19 million. The draw takes place on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.



Italian SuperEnalotto

Italian SuperEnalotto opened its business in 1997. Due to their online presence, many clients have come to their site. Overall, Italian SuperEnalotto has immensely contributed to the expansion of the European lottery business. Players are supposed to match six numbers correctly in a range of 1 to 90. If the player matches the six numbers precisely, they’ll win the jackpot prize.



The future of the lottery business is an online lottery. Many lotteries have gone online to attract many clients not only from their operational country but to other countries as well.


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