Israeli executive pivoted to make more of a difference in the world


Each spring, Jewish families worldwide sit down for their Passover Seders. A highlight of the event is reading the Four Questions. Against the backdrop of recent challenges, including the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas massacre and economic uncertainties marked by rising inflation and interest rates, there are signs of optimism in the Israeli high-tech sector. We reached out to leaders in this industry, asking them our own four questions, allowing them to reflect on their challenges, decisions, successes and dreams. Here are responses from Yael Lavie, chairperson of North Hightech Park and the Moshal Program:


In the aftermath of October 7 and the Gaza War, what recent challenges have you faced in your industry, and how did you overcome them?

Following the events of October 7, it became apparent that cultivating hope and nurturing aspirations for a brighter tomorrow are key. Our primary challenge for the Moshal Program in Israel was expansion, especially in the southern regions most impacted by the events. Through focused efforts, we successfully expanded the program, supporting over 750 students pursuing academic degrees in engineering, science, and medicine this year. 

As for North Hightech Park, we decided to proceed with its development during these challenging times and attract additional high-tech companies, thus creating numerous employment opportunities. The fact that new contracts were signed during these past few months underscores the value created.

Both the Moshal Program and North Hightech Park serve to create opportunities for Israel’s diverse population, bringing Jews, Arabs, haredim, and others together to thrive for the benefit of themselves, their families and Israeli society.


Looking back, what decision do you feel was the best for your career or business, and why?

Steve Jobs famously said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

Reflecting on this wisdom, I’ve realized that leaving behind my three-decade career in business and banking across London, Switzerland, and Israel was the pivotal choice that propelled my career in the direction of my choice.

By letting go of my role working with private investors in property and finance, I embraced the opportunity to try and make a difference in the world. Redirecting my time and energy toward areas aligned with my passion, I’ve been able to leverage my expertise and experience to effect meaningful impact and create opportunities where they are most needed.



What achievement or success are you most proud of, and what lessons did you learn?

North High-Tech Park in the Galilee is a cutting-edge R&D center, home to 28 leading companies and employing 500 high-tech professionals. Looking ahead, our vision extends far beyond its current state, with aspirations to accommodate thousands of employees across hundreds of companies.

The Galilee Mountains. (credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)


What began as a mere concept has defied skepticism and blossomed into a vibrant hub of innovation, leading to the success of Israel’s northern region. Despite doubts, the park is a testament to perseverance and vision today.


What are your aspirations or goals for yourself or your organization in the coming year as you look ahead?

The Moshal Program has supported 2,500 students on their path to success. There is truly no greater satisfaction than offering them genuine, high-quality opportunities and witnessing their success as they flourish.

My greatest aspiration is to significantly expand the number of youngsters who, with the proper support, will break the cycle of poverty and achieve prosperity through higher education. In doing so, they will uplift those in their immediate surroundings and serve as role models for countless others. Their impact will extend far beyond their own lives, shaping the lives of future generations and contributing to a brighter, more promising world for us all.

Yael Lavie is the chairperson of North Hightech Park and the Moshal Program.