VidiPlus Offers New Video Conferencing Tech Like Zoom


VidiPlus Offers New Video Conferencing Tech Like Zoom

The company has released its new platform.

VidiPlus CEO and Founder, Dror Benjamin

New Israeli startup VidiPlus offers a new platform for video conferencing. The company has released its cross-platform, virtual presentation software for video conferencing. VidiPlus says that the platform allows sales and marketing professionals in any industry to offer a “more engaging virtual meeting communications experience.” So Zoom, which has become popular during the Covid lockdowns, may just have a new competitor.

VidiPlus boasts that its software takes the most compelling aspects of in-person sales and brings them to video conferencing, including accompaniment of 3-D visuals, branding, slideshows, web browsers, and videos that appear in real-time next to the presenter in the same frame. By enabling an engaging way to “show and tell” products, VidiPlus boasts that it is creating the workplace of the future for B2B sales.

“The move from physical meetings to a totally digital sales funnel, enables companies to maximize their sales opportunities and customer communication—they save time and money on shipping products and traveling and can now dedicate these resources to provide more engaging, tailored and impactful experiences to their customers and prospects,” said VidiPlus CEO and Founder, Dror Benjamin. “Virtual communication is here to stay but “Zoom fatigue” doesn’t have to be. VidiPlus can be seamlessly integrated into any camera-enabled video conferencing platform and can help B2B sales and support once again be personal, comfortable, and productive.”

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VidiPlus’ all-inclusive product features include media size and location adjustment, image background detachment, rotating, transparent visual models, including 3D, that enable presenters to point to specific part. VidiPlus supports all web formats, allowing users to import images or full pages from any online site and is now compatible with WhatsApp desktop video calls, useful for quick on-the-go sales calls. Presenters are also able to personalize and brand their space – adding a company logo, job title, brand colors or symbols to create a fully customizable, bold, and professional presentation.

VidiPlus’ software is currently available on Windows devices.

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