Why You Should Consider Going To Orlando to Celebrate Passover


By Contributing Author

Orlando in Florida is a place of wonder, joy, and excitement for people of all ages, not just children. It’s no surprise that it attracts hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers, year in, year out. But why should you consider booking a holiday to celebrate Passover when you can do so right in your own home for a lot less money? The reasons are explored below.

Invite the whole family

When it comes to getting the whole family together for the holidays, it can be a difficult task to undertake, especially when the family is big and located all over the place. Choosing to be the host for the holidays can also be a challenge in itself as well, especially when you have to figure out sleeping arrangements and how to keep your guests entertained the entire time. However, with Passover Orlando programs in place that offer villas for more than 10 people, you can celebrate the holiday with all the family without the stress of trying to feed and sleep so many people. Best of all, they even provide day camp programs that the whole family can partake in.

Don’t have to worry about cooking

Going on vacation will take away the need for cooking and feeding the entire family. Instead, you can take advantage of the catering services provided by your accommodation, whether this is a villa or a hotel. You can request particular dietary requirements, such as not being able to consume bread, in advance.

There are ways to cut money

Going away for Passover might seem like a huge expense, but when you consider how much time and money you would spend on buying and preparing food and getting your home ready for the holidays, spending that little bit extra will be worth it.

If you are worried about costs, there are always ways to cut back money. From opting for cheaper flights, flying earlier or later in the day, or choosing to cater yourself, you can find alternative options for saving a bit of money.

Lots of ways to spend your free time

Passover brings about the opportunity to spend a lot more time with the family, such as doing arts and crafts with the kids, getting them to help make food and finding out what they know about the holiday itself. But when you are on holiday, there are lots of other fantastic ways you can spend your time as a family on holiday.

While you can still do all of the aforementioned activities, you can also explore all the famous theme parks and attractions, and attend programs that allow you to mingle with other Jewish families. Meeting other people, and encouraging your children to do so, too, will bring about more reason to celebrate.

Booking a holiday to celebrate Passover will provide plenty of things for the whole family to enjoy that will make the holiday period all the more special and it gives you a bit of downtime to enjoy the holiday too.






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