Zero Egg Offers Plant Based Egg Alternative for Food Manufacturers


Zero Egg Offers Plant Based Egg Alternative for Food Manufacturers

Zero Egg just brought in $5 million in funding.

Israeli startup Zero Egg produces an egg alternative made from plants for foodservice and food manufacturers. The company asserts that its product tastes, looks, and functions like a real egg.

The company just brought in $5 million in Series A funding ound led by Powerplant Ventures, and joined by existing investors Unovis Asset Management-New Crop Capital and Strauss Group-The Kitchen Hub.

So you may be thinking that this is only something for vegans. After all, who else never eats eggs? At most people avoid eating them for health reasons, but they do not go to the trouble of avoiding any product which includes some kind of egg extract.

And think about all of the products which include eggs. So many cake and cookie recipes require eggs. So it is not surprising that just about all packaged pastries have eggs in them.

And eggs are also a main ingredient in many fast foods.

So how does a vegetarian alternative do anything for the vast majority of people who are not vegans? Well it’s about the environment, of course.

Poultry is everywhere and not just for fast food. Countless poultry farms are dedicated to raising chickens just for their eggs. These chickens live much longer than those raised for slaughter. And so they use up a great deal more of world resources from energy, to water and food. The production of all of the food that they eat causes carbon emissions. And the chickens themselves leave behind a tremendous amount of waste.

Chicken farms are cited not just for how the animals are treated but for their carbon foot prints as well. So to have a substitute for eggs which can be used in food production could mean a great reduction in the amount of waste and carbon emissions produced by chicken farms.

But don’t worry! No one is coming to take away your eggs. The idea here is mainly to replace eggs used in the manufacture of different kinds of food.

Now available to all U.S. foodservice operators and food manufacturers, Zero Egg offers two products, “EGG Basics,” crafted to rival ordinary eggs in traditional egg entrees and breakfast dishes, and “BAKE Basics,” developed for specialty baking. Both products come in powder form with high yields that offer efficient, safe handling and storage, and a reliable and cost-effective solution.

“By filling the white space in the foodservice industry for plant-based egg alternatives, Zero Egg aims to make plant-based foods the norm and empower the era of sustainable foods,” said Liron Nimrodi, CEO, and co-founder, Zero Egg.

“Our goal is to meet growing consumer demand for an egg replacement that is effective, nutritious, versatile, and kind to animals and to the planet. We are elated to join Powerplant Ventures’ portfolio of brands. We can’t imagine a better partner to help us grow the brand and transform the industry.”

“The egg category is massive and the potential to disrupt it with an accessible plant-based solution is fairly untapped in the food industry. As investors, we are looking forward to continuing to support the expansion of Zero Egg in the U.S. market,” said Dan Y. Altschuler Malek, managing director, Unovis Asset Management-New Crop Capital and Zero Egg board member. “It was an easy decision to continue investing in Zero Egg because it is uniquely positioned given its functionality, taste, and competitive pricing.”