Apple releases the new operating system version with fresh emojis


iPhone owners – get ready for an update. Apple released, on Tuesday, a new version of iOS 17.4, which comes with new emojis, improvements to stolen device protection features, podcast transcripts, and other new personalized functions. Here’s everything you need to know:

The new Emojis include: Heads having fun and shaking, sand crab, fungus, an open chain, and a slice of lime.


In the Apple Podcasts app, there will be transcripts with text highlighting synchronized with the audio in English, Spanish, French, and German. The text will also be searchable from now on. Users will also be able to customize accessibility by changing the text size.

Stolen Device Protection:

This feature, which was already introduced in the iOS 17.3 operating system, will now have the option to enhance security in all locations. When the feature on a stolen device is activated, the thief will not be able to access the device and lock the user out. The iPhone will require additional authentication to access specific information or make changes.

New emojis in update. (credit: EMOJIPEDIA)

Changes in the App Store in Europe:

Apple has made changes to comply with the Digital Markets Act in the European Union. Users on the continent will now be able to install applications from alternative app stores, receive support for other internet browser engines, and access other payment methods. This is a significant change for the iPhone and its operating system and may also extend to other countries.

Additional updates and bug fixes include displaying caller identification for verified Apple businesses including the company name and logo, music identification to add songs to the library or playlist, Siri announcement for messages in any supported language, and new settings for battery health.