Boeing Company to sponsor tech program for kids in southern Israel town


A unique program in the southern Israeli town of Yeruham in the Negev desert will be sponsored by The Boeing Company to encourage the number of kids that are of kindergarten age to pursue science and technology programs.

The US aircraft manufacturer had donated towards establishing a Science (STEM) kindergarten that would be open to kids from around the southern town. 

Another purpose for the Boeing-sponsored program is to promote digital literacy in the children participants.

The kindergarten program was inaugurated by Yeruham Mayor Tal Ohana and the President of Boeing Israel Maj. General (Res.) Ido Nehushtan.

Details of the Boeing program

The children involved in the program will be closely accompanied by scientists and academics. They will be able to learn and acquire knowledge in various fields of science to encourage curiosity and research.

An El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on its final approach to Newark Liberty International Airport. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

To heighten the experience of the program, the entrance to the kindergarten will be modeled after the interior of a Boeing passenger plane, where children will be able to look through the windows.