Coca-Cola introduces AI-designed beverage: Coca-Cola Y3000


Coca-Cola unveiled Coca-Cola Y3000 – the ubiquitous beverage company’s first drink created with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) – the company announced Tuesday.

Coca-Cola pairs it with an AI-powered experience offering a glimpse of the year 3000, hence the name Y3000. The drink is offered in a regular and zero-sugar variety. While known for its classic style and ubiquity, Coca-Cola remains a leader in product innovation in the beverage world.

Their latest AI-created drink, Coca-Cola Y3000, takes a unique approach by not emphasizing a specific flavor, but rather focusing on evoking a mood or experience and catering to younger consumers. The packaging is modern, brightly colored, and features a distinctive “Coca-Cola Creations” logo.

Coca-Cola also teamed up with Ambush to sell futuristic apparel and accessories, targeting consumers – particularly young consumers immersed in the digital sphere. 

A logo is seen on a Coca-Cola bottle (credit: REUTERS)

AI-designed snacks and beverages?

This move aligns with a broader trend in product development amid the global AI frenzy, where AI plays an increasingly significant role in business operations around the world. Previously, Becks introduced Beck’s Autonomous, a beer chosen by AI from a multitude of flavor combinations. Snack company Mars also partnered with an AI firm to expedite the discovery of plant-based ingredients, while spices conglomerate McCormick & Co. used AI to more efficiently conduct data analysis. 

Companies across industries are increasingly using AI to streamline operations. In healthcare, AI aids in accurate diagnosis through data analysis. In finance, AI-driven chatbots enhance customer service. In agriculture, AI optimizes crop management. While companies like Coca-Cola have utilized the power of AI before, the potential for AI-generated product design showcases the tremendous capabilities of artificial intelligence.