Dr. Maya Roseman explains the nutritional value of cauliflower

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There are entire cookbooks written just about it and you can make countless festive, dietary, or high-fat dishes from it, it is suitable for every meal and every situation even as a snack: Cauliflower

At only 25 calories per hundred grams, the cauliflower is rich in filling nutritional fibers and in potassium required for blood pressure regulation, containing a nice amount of iron needed for strength and preventing anemia as well

(In a small portion of 250 grams of cauliflower florets, there is as much iron as in a chicken breast, for example).

Cabbage (credit: INGIMAGE)

How to use cauliflower

I recommend using cauliflower as a filling addition during a diet, on its own or in quiches with added eggs and cheese, or as a soup, I have recipes for fresh cauliflower salad, and even just baked in the oven it will always come out tasty.

Cauliflower is available all year round when fresh but can also be bought frozen. It is important to say that the nutritional value of frozen cauliflower is pretty much the same as fresh, although some will say that there is a significant difference in the taste of everything prepared from fresh cauliflower.