Federal Judge allows fraud suit against Trump three children and company to proceed


President Donald Trump, his three eldest children, and Company alleging they promoted a pyramid scheme.

President Donald Trump, his three eldest children, and his company accusing of alleging they promoted a pyramid scheme. A federal judge Judge Lorna G Schofield in Manhatten has refused to halt a class-action suit against them.

The lawsuit, led by four anonymous plaintiffs, a self-employed man who was once homeless, a food delivery driver, and a hospice caregiver. “Economically marginalized people looking to invest in their educations, start their own small business, and pursue the American dream.”

The suit alleges that in exchange for “millions of dollars secret payments”, Trump himself, his sons Donald Trump Jr, and Eric Trump, and daughter Ivanka Trump promote a multilevel and telecommunications marketing company called American Communications Network (ACN).

The suit initially filed in October 2018, also claimed they used Trump’s former reality TV show “The Celebrity Apprentice” and other events to promote ACN, to encourage the plaintiffs to invest hundreds of dollars into the company, but they never reaped any benefit from the investment.”

The lawsuit claimed that “The Trumps conned each of these victims into giving up hundreds or thousands of dollars – losses that many experienced as a devastating and life-altering. Surely the Trumps dismissed these amounts as trivial. But by defrauding so many for so long, the Trumps made millions.”

The suit is being funded by the nonprofit Tesseract Research Center, which has ties to Democratic candidates, CNN has reported.