Jared Kushner is Quitting Politics


Jared Kushner is Quitting Politics

Poor Jared Kushner! His political career seems to have come to an end. Well, Jared Kushner will just have to settle for being extremely rich from family money and being married to a super-rich beautiful woman, Ivanka Trump.

The son-in-law of former U.S. President Donald Trump got to spend four years working at the White House, pretending to be a jack of all trades. But in the end, he proved to be a master of none. Kushner’s biggest failure in Washington came with the entire Covid-19 crisis. The countless books now being published about the Trump presidency all seem to have plenty of inside stories about Jared Kushner’s incompetence.

So what will Kushner do now? Apparently, Jared plans on focusing on his business interests. Specifically, those which have to do with promoting peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors. Of course, Jared is being completely altruistic. The huge financial opportunities to be had in new business ventures between Israeli firms and companies from countries like the UAE clearly have nothing to do with this,

Jared Kushner is reportedly going to open an office in Israel for promoting business ties between countries like India, Arabian Gulf states and Israel.

Many people have been wondering when Kushner would pop up from out of his shell. He and little Ivanka have been noticeably absent from the public arena since daddy Donald fled Washington on January 20. The couple seems to have been hiding out in their multi-million dollar lair in Florida.

Most recent news about Jared came in June. That’s when we found out that he had gotten his very own book deal. Jared Kushner will write about his experiences working in Donald Trump’s White House for Broadside Books, a conservative imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. The book is due out sometime in 2022.

But don’t expect Jared to offer any serious new revelations about the Trump Presidency. But do expect him to talk all about how he, Jared Kushner, deserves the credit for all of the good stuff that came out of the Trump Presidency.

So why is Jared leaving politics? Perhaps it is because it has become clear that no one wants anyone from the Trump family around anymore. Donald might have a huge cult following, but none of the kiddies have been able to take advantage of it and are all giving up on their one-time dreams of becoming Senators, or even the President someday.

Or maybe Jared knows that he cannot have any sort of a political career as long as Donald is still angry with him. Former President Trump was said to have blamed Jared for his defeat in the 2020 elections. And Jared has not been welcome in Donald Trump’s court of exile which he holds at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

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