The Luzzatto Group adds two new partners


The Luzzatto Group, Israel’s oldest intellectual property group, announced the addition of two new partners to the group’s patent law firm: patent attorney Dr. Sarit Ben-Shmuel and patent attorney Dr. Sinai Yarus.

“Dr. Ben-Shmuel joined the group as an intern in 2016, and she brings with her a rich background in biological research and exceptional understanding in the fields of life sciences and pharma, alongside managing the design department,” said Dr. Kfir Luzzatto, President of the Luzzatto Group, at the announcement of the appointment of the new partners.

Patent attorney Dr. Sinai Yarus. (Credit: Michal Luzzato)

“Dr. Yarus has twenty years of patent experience,” added Luzzatto. “Since joining the group in 2020, he has added a depth of technical and academic knowledge, from biochemistry, agriculture, biotechnology, and molecular biology, to cleantech.

“The diverse expertise and innovative approach that these two new partners bring to the table are valuable assets to the Group, and we welcome them to the Group’s partnership track,” concluded Luzzatto.

The legal division of the Luzzatto Group, founded in Italy in 1869, includes the patent law firm Luzzatto and Luzzatto Law Offices, along with other companies in the Business Division. The Group’s clients include companies and business corporations from all industries, including multinational companies, the world’s largest pharma companies, defense industry companies, inventors,  entrepreneurs, start-ups, venture capital funds, R&D partnerships,  academia, application, and research institutes.