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Launched in 2008 Airbnb looks back at its users’ favorite vacation rentals, revealing the homes that starred on the platform every year In the Last Decade.

A lot of trends have captured the tourism world over the last ten years: adult cruises, Instagram-inspired vacations, ecological and volunteer vacations, and of course – the trend of short-term vacation rentals. The Airbnb home-sharing site, launched in 2008, is now looking back at its user’s favorite properties over the past decade, revealing the most sought-after vacation homes that have been starring on the platform each year.

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2019: A beach house in Santa Catherine, Brazil

This four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home comes with its own private beach, large balcony and panoramic ocean views. Staying there can hike to Iguacu Falls, one of the world’s largest waterfalls, or try the small restaurants and shops in the nearby fishing village. Price: $ 69 per night.

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2018: Hector Cave House, Santorini, Greece

Guests in the traditional cave house carved into the Santorini cliffs can lay in the sun with a glass of wine in their hands, facing perfect views of the islands, the nearby volcano, and the Aegean Sea. The one-bedroom and two-bathroom house on the edge of the caldera is originally used as a wine cellar. Today the property is a bright white holiday home with a private balcony and a small dipping pool. Cost: $ 325 per night.

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2017 White Breeze Apartment in Phuket Island, Thailand

This simple one-bedroom apartment is on the south end of Phuket, known for its palm trees and spectacular sunsets. Guests have access to the pool and nearby Rawai Beach, which offers boating and horse riding tours. The price is $ 52 a night.

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2016: Everview  Suite, Cape Town, South Africa 

The 12 Apostles Range rises above this magnificent three-bedroom home. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for a dreamlike view of the ocean. Outside, there is a spacious, thin pool with comfortable sofas for sunbathing and bathing. Camps Bay Beach is within walking distance of the property, and the lively Cape Town is 10 minutes away by car. Price: $ 363 per night.

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2015: Tree House in Bali, Indonesia

A flowering garden surrounds this one-bedroom home, which features two balconies and a private pool. Guests can go to the beach, pick fruit from the garden – including coconuts, passion fruit, lemons, and papaya – or eat barbecue and fried rice at the nearby night market. Price: $ 86 per night.

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2014: Cobb Cottage in Maine, Canada

Guests call this cottage “pure magic” and “dream.” The intimate one-bedroom house is located in a rural area surrounded by a number of farms, walkways and a small winery. The interior is illuminated and ventilated, and constructed of only natural materials: the dining niche overlooks the forest, and the wooden stairs lead to the loft which is the bedroom. In addition, the house is located 10 minutes walk from the beach. Price: $ 121 per night.

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2013: The Shell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

When architect Eduardo Ocampo moved to Isla Mujeres in 1994, he was fascinated by the “mountains” of shells found in it and created the house as a tribute to them. The “Shell House” is made up of two conch-like structures and contains two bedrooms and a pool overlooking the Caribbean. Travelers who want peace and quiet can find them on this cliff-lined property. Those looking for more adventure can go diving in the coral reefs surrounding the island, or visit the ruins of the nearby Mayan Temple. Price: $ 299 per night.

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2012: Off-The-Grid House, Pioneer Township, California

Tree-huggers and tech enthusiasts were the inspiration for this two-bedroom property that is not connected to the power grid and is fed exclusively from solar panels that provide electricity and hot water. Located in the Joshua Tree in the California desert, this “technology house” is a perfect destination for anyone looking for a relaxed and secluded experience. But the more adventurous can travel to Pioneer Township, which is actually a set of westerns from a renovated 1940s movie. Price: $ 450 per night.

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2011: Villa La Selva, Tuscany, Italy

If you’ve ever wanted to pretend to star in the movie Eat Pray Love, or Call Me By Your Name, this is your chance. Built in the 17th century, this stone farmhouse is surrounded by lush olive groves and spectacular views of the Pratomagno Mountains. With seven bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, La Salva sometimes hosts larger groups, such as weddings and family reunions. Other features include a pizza oven, saltwater pool and stone amphitheater. Price: $ 743 per night.

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